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We celebrated with cake and ice cream a day early since we all had the day off for Family Day. I baked a cake from one of the cookbooks my grandma gave me, a sweet fudge caramel cake with fudge frosting. I always love using her old cookbooks; this one was published in Detroit, 1960. I’d like to find a way to make the cakes more moist (suggestions?) as the recipes are pretty basic. I made modifications so Seb could enjoy the cake too since he doesn’t do dairy (using almond milk as a milk substitute). He loved it mixed with his coconut ice cream.


I was planning to post my 18 week baby bump, but none of the photos were up to par. I’m definitely looking preggers now, although I think it will be a couple more weeks before I’m really popped out. The baby is growing right on schedule and we’ve got our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for mid week next week. Very excited. But don’t bother asking Seb if he will have a brother or sister, he’s very good at keeping secrets. Y’all will have to wait til July!

Family photos are the best! I love my boys and feel so blessed. All I really wanted by my 35th birthday was to be pregnant. And it was a perfect birthday weekend, as we like to celebrate over a period of days. Always. A massage on Saturday, a family outing to meet with an old friend for cheesecake on Sunday and lots of family fun mixed in. Another year of possibilities awaits!


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