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Team Seb Can Do


On Sebastian’s 4th birthday, May 6, we will be celebrating by participating in the Toronto Marathon. Team Seb Can Do will be participating in the 5k Run, Walk, Wheel, Roll (RWWR) while also supporting Three to Be, a fantastic charitable foundation focused on advocacy and raising funds to support innovative research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.

Sebastian and his Papa-Daddy will be Running and Wheeling in the race while this 28 week pregnant Mama will be cheering from the sidelines, and probably crying with pride too. If you are in the area and would like to join us, please get in touch and I will forward you the details. If you are not in the area and would like to show your support, please visit our team fundraising page Team Seb Can Do on the RWWR website. There you can leave a special message for Sebastian too.

After the race we will be having a small gathering of friends at the Three to Be tent for treats to celebrate his 4th birthday. It will be a big day for our family!

RWWR is a multinational volunteer initiative designed to provide experiences that transcend the physical limitations of the body.  We do this by pushing children with physical, cognitive, and neurological disorders through marathons, half marathons and other physical endeavors while simultaneously building awareness and raising money for the amazing causes that support these children.  RWWR is unique because kids are given the opportunity to become actively involved in raising money for research and programs directly benefiting them!  Since its conception in 2009 RWWR has assisted over 50 children participate in first time race experiences and in the process has raised over 50 thousand dollars for our partner programs.  

All funds raised through RWWR 2012 will be going directly to THREE TO BE in support of their incredible work in the development of innovative research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.  Become a friend of RWWR.  Support us with a donation or join us by running your own race!

See you at the finish line!

Although we have reached our modest goal we are hoping to go above and beyond. Please consider joining our team or donating by visiting Team Seb Can Do on the RWWR website.