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Sebastian Gets a Ukulele for his 4th Birthday!


Sebastian loves music. He loves listening and dancing to music.  He has dabbled in making his own music with shakers, bells, piano keyboards, xylophone, and even a wooden drum. He has plastic toys that light up and play music when he pushes the right buttons. He has soft toys that play music and used to get him through his early days of therapy when nothing else did.


When Sebastian started school last year he was mesmerized by the music (therapy) man that came in twice a week to play his guitar and sings songs with the class. His repertoire includes songs from Jingle Bells to La Bamba. We even have a photo of him on our fridge, Sebastian is sitting on his lap, looking up at him with his tiny hand on the guitar.  This year his teacher holds him up so that he can walk towards W strumming the guitar and dance along to his tunes. One morning when I arrived to pick Sebastian up, three girls had made a circle with him. Two holding on hand each as they all danced together, Sebastian grinning from ear to ear. Moments like this I smile big and hold back my tears of happiness.


When we visit our friends  in Holland, J gives Sebastian personal concerts with Sebastian content to sit and listen to him all afternoon. We have an app on the iPad that is a mini guitar which is easy for him to strum (a piano one too). When we started thinking about his birthday gift, we looked around at toy stores at ‘authentic’ small toy guitars and they were priced outrageously.  I spoke to the music teacher and he mentioned a ukulele, small in size with plastic strings. He said kids were learning how to play them in school instead of the recorder these days so they are durable and reasonably priced.


So that’s what we got. Sebastian’s new favorite color is blue – although he still loves red – so we went with the blue. As you can see from the photos, it was a hit. He needs our help to play it, but he started opening his fingers and moving them over the strings and sometimes grabbing them right away. He’s also fascinated with the tuning keys. It seems like he’s checking it out and wondering how he can do what the musicians in his life have done on their big guitars. He took it to school on one of their music days and played alongside his music teacher, which I imagine was pretty exciting for him.



The next time we visit Holland, he will be ready to join J and A’s kids in their band, kitted out with a guitar, a drum kit and soon to be ukulele. We will be sure to invite you to their debut performance. Until then, we practice!


For even more photos of Seb and his Ukulele, please check out the Blurb Mobile photo slide show.


5 thoughts on “Sebastian Gets a Ukulele for his 4th Birthday!”

  1. Kara, this is awesome. I still forgot to say happy birthday. I am glad you had such a good day though.
    Just a suggestion, S has a Ukele and got it around when he was Seb’s age. He was just learning to control his body and open his hands. His dad would put him in his wheelchair, and use a clamp to hold the guitar on to his tray, the same kind you use to hold wood down when you are sawing. All of a sudden after about two months of fist sturmming, hie started to open his fingers. Just something for you to try if you want.

    Enjoy your Ukele Seb!


  2. Wow, that’s Awesome. Happy Birthday Little Dude.
    John has a game on his Ipad that Sebastian might enjoy, it’s called peeping musicians, it’s great for targeting and focusing. it’s really helped John’s control with his arms and hands.


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