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Mother’s Day

Seb and Mama, NICU Cuddles

On my first Mother’s Day I was waiting for the second bus that would take us to see Sebastian who was bunked in at the hospital in the NICU. I had been discharged from the hospital a few days before after my own five day stay. It was the first Mother’s Day my mom and I had spent together in probably a decade. I remember how excited we were about it. But by the time the day had come we had forgotten. It was not Mother’s Day the UK, they celebrate in March. The only thing on our minds was getting to Sebastian to see how he had slept and how much he’d eaten the night before. I’m sure we were waiting for some tests results too. But I don’t know what I would have done had my mom not been there. I’m so very thankful she was.

My Mom and Sebastian

While we were waiting for the bus my phone rang. When I picked it up two very dear friends from Michigan were on the line wishing me Happy Mother’s Day with great enthusiasm. I burst into tears while smiling at the same time. Such a bittersweet moment. I should have had my son in my arms. Soon enough. Just one more bus ride. I don’t know if they know how much it meant to me that they called to remind us of what a miracle the day was. I was a mama! And Sebastian made me one. Even if it got off to a rocky start, it was a start. And I was happy.

Mama, Seb, and Baby in the Belly

This year my boys treated me to a delicious brunch at a nearby cafe, with gelato for dessert. Seb rode his bike for a bit and then we all had a good afternoon nap. With the sun shining we went for a walk to the park and did all the things Sebastian loves, swing, bounce and slide. Later, Seb had fun watching Papa-Daddy make pizza for dinner and we finished our night with a couple good books in the rocking chair. And this year not only did Seb make me a happy mama, but so did the babe in my belly. Moving during the quiet moments of the day and sometimes stopping me on our walks with the need for a break. My family makes me so happy. All three of them. Thankful.


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  1. Happiest of Mothers Day to you beautiful Kara. X wonderful post and soon you will have two amazing kiddies that are blessed to have you as their Mamma xxxx big hugs x


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