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Our son is FOUR!

On May 6 Sebastian turned four. On his birthday every time I said, wrote or even thought ‘today is my son’s 4th birthday, I teared up. Not because I mourned the four year old that he was not or the birth day that did not go as planned four years ago. But because I celebrated the birth of my son and all that he has already become. All that he has already become. We were ready to celebrate. And celebrate we did. A party at school. Opening giftsthe morning of. A race in the Toronto Marathon a big happy birthday song with the RWWR team and friends afterwards. And finally, belatedly with family in Michigan.


In Sebastian’s 4th year he will become a big brother. He will get a communication book and hopefully a communication device. He will attend his pre-school one more year because I don’t believe in full day kindergarten at age four for my son. And because he goes to the best school ever. He will spend afternoons with his new sibling and keep up with therapies. He will continue to smile and enjoy life and hopefully grow grow grow. All of these things he’s already being working on.

Since Sebastian turned 3, he’s been practicing riding his bike. He’s been walking in his Kid Walk so often and with such motivation and determination that now he not only walks on his own at school, but at home. He needs help with steering, although running into the walls produces quite a few giggles. He has walked up to 500 steps with his physical therapist once a week for the past 12 weeks. He races his friends at school and plays soccer and ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf?’ on the playground. He has done three seasons of Hippotherapy this year and with each one gains strength in keeping his head up and sitting strong on his horse, with a smiles and laughter mixed in.

Sebastian uses a head switch during circle time to say his name when it is his turn. He uses his hands to choose between activities using picture cards. He reads books with us at home using a pre-recorded switch and says ‘Goodnight’ and ‘I love you’ at bedtime. (Okay, he’s been doing that since we got the iPad when he was two.) He is ‘writing’ weekly with a team using a flip chart with letters and a low tech eye-gaze device. He has spelled ‘ee lev’ (I love) about a picture of him and his papa-daddy at the park.

Sebastian enjoys playing board games and card games and helping his mama bake, having made Christmas cookies and pancakes this past year. Sebastian has explored two museums in his wheel chair, the ROM and the AGO. He loved the dinosaurs, bat cave and the Chagall exhibits. Sebastian can now sit in his Seat2Go and enjoy dinner with us in a booth at restaurants. He makes choices like choosing his new bright blue and red glasses or which t-shirt to wear.

Sebastian still laughs at the jokes on Sesame Street and enjoys the adventures Curious George gets up to. This past year he went to his first movie at the theatre, The Muppets, and loved it. Sebastian can play for short periods on his own, but prefers company. He loves seeing my belly grow and ‘talks’ and giggles to it. He will be a fabulous big brother. Just like he is already a fabulous son.

Happy Year Number Four Sebastian. We love you so much and you are absolutely our favorite little man. We are ready to enjoy another year of fun, adventure, and learning with you. One day at a time.



5 thoughts on “Our son is FOUR!”

  1. Seb is so lucky to have you two as are you xxx you are such a beautiful family and I am thrilled Seb will be a big brother soon xxxx


  2. The picture at the end warms my heart. He has grown in more ways than one, and it is wonderful to see. Sebastian you can always ask Sacha for big brother tips, but I know you have heard all the baby chatter and are super excited to meet him or her yourself.


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