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Little Bird


When Sebastian was a baby in Egypt I sang tirelessly to him while bouncing on the birthing/therapy ball in hopes to calm him and help get his air bubbles out so he could nap. We listened to an Elisabeth Mitchell CD sent to us by a very good friend. The song I sang the most was ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ I often changed the words for him, sometimes singing ‘You are my Sebastian, my only Sebastian, you will always know dear, how much I love you…’ On the same CD is a cover of a Bob Marley song, Three Little Birds. ‘I woke up this morning. Three little birds by my doorstep. Singing sweet songs. Saying this is my message to you oo oo. Don’t worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright…’ Since I found out I was pregnant in November, I’ve found myself singing this song to myself and the baby in my belly. I know that it stems from the feelings of anxiety from my first traumatic birth experience with Sebastian. But also the sweet memory of sitting with him and singing to sooth him. So I’ve come to think about singing this song to this baby once born, and instead of being my sunshine, this baby has become my little bird.


When my mom told me she wanted to throw me a baby shower, I was skeptical. I know what can go wrong at birth. Was I ready to prepare so fully for the arrival of our baby before it arrived? I decided, yes, this would be a good time to come together to celebrate with family and friends some whom I haven’t seen in years. I started to look up ideas on Pinterest, etsy, etc. of baby showers (I hadn’t had one with Sebastian) and shared them with my mom. It became a fun project we could work on together, even miles apart. It seemed only fitting that my theme was little birds, which we incorporated into the decorations for the Wish Tree and the cupcake toppers. My mom and her childhood friend hand made all these little bird toppers. I’m planning to make a mobile for the baby using some of them. The cards on the Wish Tree, which hold wishes and prayers for the ‘little bird’, will be put in a keepsake box and shared with the baby once older.



It was an emotional day for me, but filled with so much positive emotion and love. I appreciated all of those that traveled from near and far and very very far to be with us to celebrate this pending arrival of Baby Sharp. Several friends and family stayed to see and even meet sebastian for the first time when he arrived with his Papa-Daddy at the end of the shower. I appreciate the thought and care put into the gifts which will help us be even more ready for the upcoming arrival. I’m thankful for my mom’s friends and my own coming together to make it happen. The friends who helped set up the township hall, bringing flowers from their gardens for decoration. And food for nibbling. And the photography! A good friend became our impromptu photographer. My mom did so much baking and preparation while also throwing a last minute garage sale to raise money for Sebastian’s therapies and medicines. I have an amazing network of support, near and far. And for that I am thankful. And I am ready. To welcome this little bird into our lives. No worries. Well almost.


Photos taken by Jessica Bibbee. For the full set, visit my FlickrBaby Shower set (guest pass link) for photos of family, friends, food and fun…until the camera battery died!


5 thoughts on “Little Bird”

  1. I have been following all your posts and have had many things to say but none seemed right. I love this one and I love the story behind the little bird. I’d love to send a wish for baby Sharp.


  2. How sweet. I have a story with that song, too. After Neena was born and in the NICU, I remember panicking because I had yet to learn any lullaby songs to sing to the baby. As I sat by her isolet, I could only remember the lyrics to this song and sang it to her over and over and over again until we brought her home 17 days later. Will be sending good energy to you for a safe and happy delivery for your new baby!


  3. kara, I read every new update and think of you all often. Cannot wait to hear of the safe arrival of baby Sharp x can you send me your address when you have a moment x


  4. hello! i’ve been lurking around your blog for a while and wanted to wish you well for the birth of your baby. i have a son who is 2 and also has dystonic cerebral palsy following HIE in a london hospital. his birth was horrific. i had a second son 7 weeks ago and was nervous about the birth and the baby and all the horrible things from before, but it was marvellous. the birth was totally different and he is a completely different species of baby (to be honest, compared to the first time round, it’s remarkably straightforward!). the main thing that i’ve found difficult is not spending as much time with my older son, but i should have expected that……. with best wishes, jess


  5. What a beautiful shower! I love the story of the meaning behind the cute little birds. We’ll be signing Marley right along with ya! 🙂


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