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Toronto Doors Open: R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant


A few weekends ago we enjoyed one of my favorite weekends of the year, Toronto Doors Open, an event where buildings around the city are open and free to the public to visit, tour, and wander. This year we spent time at two places. One of them was the water treatment plant on the east side of the city, right on Lake Ontario. An art deco building still fully functional, cleaning water from the lake and making it drinkable. Ali took most of the photos, although I had my eye on my favorite part of the tour, Seb enjoying time with his Papa-Daddy.






For photos of the actual building and the rest of our Doors Open experience, visit the Flickr set
R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
Check out a short slide show I created on Blurb Mobile to get a more balanced look at the afternoon too.