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Toronto Doors Open: Humber Arboretum

Humber Arboretum, Centre for Urban Ecology.

A very green building surrounded by gardens, ponds, nature walking paths, bike paths and a river. Inside the green building is a place to learn. Seb enjoyed touching fur and skins of local animals like fox and deer, as well as seeing stuffed owls hanging from the ceiling. Sadly, these animals and their pellets are acquired after being hit by cars and not surviving. Seb also enjoyed some live reptiles, holding his first Chinese Dragon lizard and watching a turtle swim towards him for a big smile. The turtles have been taken in after being released into nearby ponds. They are not native to this area (from Texas!) and bought at pet stores. Owners ‘set them free’ without realising that since they are not native to the area, they push the native species out. So the arboretum takes them in to allow the local species thrive.




In the winter we can return to visit and look for owls in the bare trees and take winter walks among the ancient trees. This visit we enjoyed a picnic off one of the trails and saw some beautiful flowers, trees and large mushrooms. A pair of ducks joined us for a sit by the pond before we headed home. Although we went as part of the Doors Open event, it is open to the public year round with different events advertised online. We took Seb’s stroller, but next time I think we will take the seat2go for the picnic part and the carrier for the walking/hiking trails. The parking is close enough that we could also take the wheelchair for the fun stuff inside the building and return it to the car for our picnic and hike.



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