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ROM: Royal Ontario Museum

Last Monday we went to the ROM. Ali had the day off work for Canada Day and it was another hot one outside. A new exhibit had opened about the dinosaurs of Gondwana.


We always take Seb in his wheelchair for museum outings so he can interact and see the exhibits. And he loves it. I tend to have a difficult time when kids stare at him and believe that if it were more normal to have and see kids in their classrooms at school in wheelchairs then they would be less likely to stare without smiling. Of course Seb never notices and if he does he flashes a smile, which is pretty irresistible. I know that kids aren’t being cruel, but curious, and I wish that their parents would encourage them to smile rather than look away. Yesterday at the grocery store the woman in front of us (with her young daughter) could not get enough of Sebastian because of his utter cuteness and outgoing, smiley personality. So we do get both ends of the spectrum and it is really me that needs to work on not allowing it to bother me.

As far as accessibility, the ROM is fantastic and the special exhibit was amazing. As it is geared towards adults and kids, there were many activities at his level that he could do and for those he wanted to get closer to, his papa-daddy lifted him up and helped him to interact.


20120707-204016.jpgChomp! Chomp!

Using an iPad screen to simulate the movement and full body of different dinosaurs.


We are pterodactyls!


20120707-204211.jpgChecking out the exhibit.

These ones show both how accessible the exhibits were for Sebastian as well as how much fun his papa-daddy is at museums. So. Much. Fun. And so much silliness. We also enjoyed the permanent dinosaur exhibit with the usual suspects like tyrannosaurus, pterodactyls, and triceratops. The boys took me into the bat cave – which they’ve visited before – and we saw the bats come alive in a recreated, very natural habitat. Although the bats are not alive, it is very realistic, and dark! We wandered through the Canadian habitat area and Sebastian was greeted by a volunteer who helped him touch and interact with animals like the white fox, an old tortoise shell and the bone from the spine of a blue whale.





We had lunch in the cafeteria so we could continue to wander but still left more for another day. I took a ton of photos and choosing just a few to showcase was difficult so I hope you will visit our set on Flickr, ROM photo set .


2 thoughts on “ROM: Royal Ontario Museum”

  1. I will visit this now, since you gave such a great review of it.

    Staring, yes, it is hard. The young adults/kids I support that can talk, will say “what are people looking at?” It just reminds me that the kids/young adults who are non-verbal, probably sometimes feel the same way. I always wave at kids and encourage my guys to say “hi.” I am not as friendly with adults. I am with you though, I wish parents would teach their kids to say hi and wave.

    Seb and S are pretty lucky with those award winning contagious smiles, they win over most people, :).


    1. It was my first time at the ROM, Ali and Seb have gone before. He loves it, sat up so tall and was so engaged in everything. I guess the best we can do is invite the smiles by smiling ourselves, as long as they look up at us too. And yes, the smiles of Seb and S are contagious.


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