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16 Days

Sebastian came home from the hospital when he was 16 days old.


Tallula came home 24 hours after she was born.


At 16 days old, Sebastian was already wise. He came home with a feeding tube while learning to bottle feed/nurse. He taught us within the next two weeks that he could eat on his own, so he pulled out the tube and there was no going back. He had severe reflux and wanted us to know he needed his own schedule, not the one the hospital set out to give him. I was thankful.


At 16 days old, Tallula is starting to be awake more often, though she still mostly sleeps. She’s looking around and starting to see more of the world around her. She nursed within 20 minutes of being born. She’s created her own feeding schedule too which involves eating a lot and often. I’m thankful.


When Tallula was first laid on my chest, she pouted just like Sebastian’s pout that we first saw when we gave him his first bath (in hospital). She made funny faces falling asleep, eyes open and half smiles. Just like Sebastian did. We thought his long hours of sleep and silly faces were caused by all the anti-seizure meds pumping into him. It has been amazing for us to see Tallula doing some of the same things her big brother did their first couple weeks of life. And some different things too.

Like having and losing an umbilical cord stump. Seb’s belly button was a conduit for different meds/IVs, etc. We never saw his and we had to learn how to take care of hers. Like crying. Seb didn’t let out a big cry until the water trickled over his head during his first bath. Then he cried A LOT once he came home. Tallula let out her first cry seconds after emerging into this world. And she continues to cry to let us know when she needs something. Both have a soft cry.

Aside from a non-traumatic birth, Lula has one advantage Seb didn’t have. A really fabulous big brother. Who gives her big kisses. Who smiles every time she comes into the room. Who either joins her cries or laughs with them. Who laughs and competes with her burps and toots. Who loves her very much, unconditionally. For always.



10 thoughts on “16 Days”

  1. I LOVED this. I look forward to watching (and reading) about their relationship. Seb is going to be such a wonderful big brother.


  2. A lovely picture of Sebastian and Tallula. Tallula looks just like her Scottish Great-Grandad Bell ( my late Dad ). I couldn’t believe how like him she is. None of my family take after that side of the family. Love to you all. Gillianx


  3. Beautiful. It looks like Sebastian is adjusting to his sister so beautifully! I can’t wait to see how he changes for the better with each post that you write. So happy for your beautiful family!!


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