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I could stare for hours at the baby girl in this photo. Into those deep blue eyes. Eyes like mine. She often furrows her brow. So serious. Too, like me. She does smile. The day she turned 5 weeks she gave me a playful smile. Her first one. My heart fluttered. Toys and objects don’t bring the smiles like Mama, Papa-Daddy, and Seb do. Sometimes it’s just her eyes smiling. And sometime she coos and her whole face lights up.

I love her. So much. I love the way she looks at the world around her. I love the way she reaches toward her brother. I love watching her develop and grow (already 11lbs 9oz at 6 weeks!). I love seeing her see me as I talk to her after bathtime. I love that she has made our family four.

I remember wondering how I could love anyone as much as I love Sebastian. And then she was born. And my heart overflows with love for them both. And Papa-Daddy too.

I think about the relationship I have with my mom and the memories I have of her and me and us together from childhood into adulthood. I imagine Tallula and I creating such memories as she grows. And I smile.

I have two kids now! A son and a daughter. I am so thankful. So blessed. And so busy!


4 thoughts on “Daughter”

  1. I continue to marvel at how alert and attentive my littlest is… with her eyes that function as a working pair. Soaking in every detail. Makes her seem so wise beyond her days. In the early days of Esme, the days you are at now with Lula, I would hold her, stare at her, and fight teary eyes. Life is amazing. And to be parenting for the second time, a typically developing child, is … I don’t know, more than I can fathom yet I guess.


  2. Kara she is simply perfect. I have those moments with pep all the time when i think how lucky i am to have a daughter who hopefully still likes me when shes a teenager šŸ˜‰ you are a beautiful family of four! Enjoy the busyness! And email me your postal,address please!!!!!


  3. Oh look how grown up she is!! Such beautiful words and perfect sentiments. I sometimes lament that I will never have that mother/daughter bond but then realise as you say that a mother’s heart just has so much capacity for love for all our kids. precious xx


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