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Back to School: Flashback

As we head back into the school year, I thought I’d share some photos from Sebastian’s previous year. Towards the end of the school year, I asked Sebastian’s teacher to share some photos of the activities he does at school so we could use them for his communication book, but also so I could see what he is doing since he can’t tell me. I’m so happy with where he goes to school I’ve sent him back for another year of pre-school. I can’t wait to see all the new friendships he makes this year as the big man on campus!

Fall 2011

Sebastian acts out nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, during circle time.

Fun in the sun; racing in the car cart and climbing trees on the playground.

I’d like to buy some cakes, please. Outside at the ‘cake stand’.

Standing tall in the stander; painting and water play.

Helping in the ‘kitchen’ and Tea Time.

Dress Up: King Sebastian. (Inspired by Elepant and Piggie ‘You’re Invited to a Party!’)

More photos http://flickr.com/gp/freeastrees/7N8SJ4/!

First day photos to follow!


3 thoughts on “Back to School: Flashback”

  1. These photos are amazing Kara. Well done Sebastian :-). It looks like you are very happy at school big boy. XXX Chantal


  2. What great photos!!! The preschool looks fabulous and its clear that Sen loves it too. Hope he has a wonderful start to the year!


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