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First Day of School



Our son is so grown up! (Have I mentioned his feet grew a size and a half this summer?!) Looking at these photos I see such a big boy, so ready to head off to school. He was so excited, I could hardly get him to pose with a happy face for the camera. He kept talking, which for him means making lots of vocalizations, responding to me as well as ‘telling’ me things. It was fabulous. Sometimes he tries so hard to talk and his mouth gets stuck in a big ‘o’.(Not a yawn!) I wonder what he’s trying to say. So I try to guess and when I guess right, I get a happy face!

Sebastian got his first backpack this year. We decided to wear it as a frontpack in his chair and when I carry him into our home, he gets to wear it on his back, he loves it.

When we arrived at school we were greeted by many new faces. We found a familiar friend and got settled while waiting to greet his teachers, both having been his primary teacher each year in the two years previous. They were all smiles and fought over who got go be his main teacher this year! So popular. Fast forward to the end of the morning and Tallula and I were greeted by a very happy, albeit tired, Sebastian. Success!

We are excited about the year ahead!

For more photos visit Fall 2012 Flickr set.


5 thoughts on “First Day of School”

    1. Hi Louise! It went really well. I added a bit to the end of the post this morning…it was a busy morning and lots of new faces but the same familiar and awesome teachers.


  1. Love seeing him so happy! I love the backpack and I hope he had the best first day ever. He definitely is growing up fast and is quite the looker with all these hats of his 🙂


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