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Hippotherapy 2012

Getting a photo with Sebastian sitting up, smiling big, is a challenge from behind the glass viewing window, without a flash. Sometimes I can catch a video. For now, these will have to do. Artfully edited with instagram, which I’ve recently joined (freeastrees). Sebastian wears a benik vest over his clothes to help give him more trunk support. He also leans on a bolster, pushing up with his arms to work on head control, sometimes resting when he gets tired. Sometimes he lays on his back to get a wide chest stretch and laughs every time. The volunteers and staff at C.A.R.D. are fantastic and so are the other families we’ve met who also take part in their services.



Today we received our approval letters from OFCP (Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy) that we will have fall and winter sessions funded! So thankful. Any donation to their organization is directly helping families like ours. We couldn’t do it without their help. Last year we received partial funding from them and also from a friend who raised money through a bike ride for Seb Can Do. Grateful.


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  1. So happy seb can access this program 🙂 cooper starts sailing in a few weeks which he is really excited about. They have a boat with controls similar to his powerchair for when he is more advanced 🙂


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