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Turbo Tomato


Sebastian got a new stroller! We all love it, especially him.

Until now, we’ve been using our fantastic portable Maclaren umbrella stroller we bought when he was one+ while visiting Dubai, as Egypt Air lost the wheels on his Joovy stroller bought in the states. It’s been great for the past few years, but now his legs are too long. Often his feet touch the wheels, even though there is a foot rest, he cannot always relax or control his legs enough to keep them resting there. And it doesn’t offer the support he really needs, especially when he’s tired and just needs to nap.

Asleep. Waking up. Realizing current location.

Before Tallula was born we tried countless double strollers. None of them offered the support he needed. I had never thought about a double stroller until I read about a blogger family also with an older child with CP that used one which worked for them when her brother was born. We were very close to getting the Britax B-Ready, but it was just too big and heavy. And I wasn’t the biggest fan of baby hiding out below. The Bob was too wide. Phil and Teds, not enough support. City Select, too expensive. We decided not to get one at all.

Then I saw another blogger friend who got the Special Tomato stroller from someone on Craigslist. I started searching and found it on Adaptive Mall for half off. I asked Sebs OT her opinion and we went for it. My mom and Jerry brought it with them a couple weeks ago with the idea we would try and return if needed. It’s perfect. It is big enough to grow with Seb with side supports and a moveable foot rest. It has a removable hood and the seat back can be adjusted to any height. It rides higher, with bigger wheels, so if we decide to stop for a snack on the way home from our walk to the park, Seb is right up to the cafe table, which is a big deal for him. The Maclaren was too low and he wants to be right where the action, er pie, is.

Does this replace his wheelchair? Absolutely not. Of course his therapists prefer that to a stroller as it is more appropriate and supportive. But Seb gets tired in the wheelchair if he’s not doing something engaging, like eating or exploring a museum. And we like to go for relaxing walks. Sometimes, it is the only way I can get him to nap and naps help keep the seizures away. We also have several steps into our ground floor apartment. We do have a makeshift ramp, but it is very steep. So running errands in the neighborhood or heading our for a relaxing walk is also easier in a stroller. This one is big enough to add a foot board for Lula to stand on when she its bigger too. For now she rides high in one of our 3 carriers. And there’s always the Maclaren when we are out as a family as she gets older.

The Special Tomato is bigger but it is light. A bit awkward to fold up and still takes up a fair bit of room in the car or even inside, but not impossible. We are so happy with it and thankful my mom could bring it over so we could purchase it at an affordable price. That’s also one of the main reasons I even considered it. We have enjoyed walking to school at least once a week and seeing all of the colorful fall trees. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying the sunshine.