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Happy Halloween

Among Sebastian’s favorite books are those written by Mo Willems. He loves Elephant and Piggie and The Pigeon. Ok, he’s one of my favorites too. So, while brainstorming costume ideas I came upon the fantastic, funny, loveable duo, Gerald the elephant and Piggie. Perfect for Sebastian and Tallula. I tried to think of ‘couple’ costumes for Ali and I –because I LOVE to dress up–, but as nothing seemed right I decided to go with a family theme. I made a hat for The Pigeon and a ‘Hi My Name is Mo Willems’ tag for Ali. And yes, our daughter is wearing a pig costume with a pink tutu. 🙂

We celebrated early by attending the Change for Kids event at Holland Bloorview. It was a fun fair set up with games, activities, and trick-or-treating stations. It was mostly accessible, except for the bouncy castles, although Ali has been known to climb in with Seb in the past. We took Sebastian in his walker and he was AMAZING. Despite a very busy and sometimes loud atmosphere, he was able to walk everywhere, taking short breaks every 20 or so steps. I was so proud of him. And he wouldn’t ‘let the pigeon drive the bus!’ No way.

We took him out of his walker to do some of the games and art activities, while others were at his level. It was a bit chaotic at times since the event was scheduled for outdoors but moved indoors due to the weather. There was a loud DJ/dance party, but he did really well and we steered clear of the loud speakers. The best part were all the friends we saw there from school and even therapy visits. And he loved the clowns. They spoke to him in ‘elephant’, using their impromptu trunks and funny red noses. Both kids were pretty tired by the end, Tallula didn’t wait for lunch to crash out and Seb was asleep soon after we returned home and ate lunch.

I was really looking forward to the event because trick-or-treating in our neighborhood was not appealing to me in the least with so many steps up to every house. Last year we handed out candy and hung out with our neighbors and that was good fun. This year we live in a new neighborhood and haven’t really established friendships with our neighbours like we did in our old hood. Because of the steps, we would have to carry Sebastian and he would likely be treated like a baby. I wanted him to be able to engage and really experience trick-or-treating on his ‘own’, and this event was a great way for that to happen. He got to walk with other kids, happily looking at all of the fun costumes AND score chocolates, which he loves. Below is a video mashup of the event. You will see Elephant and The Pigeon, aka Seb and Mama, about 2.18min into the video. Enjoy! And thanks Blooriview for a fantastic event.


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