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St. Paul’s Cathedral

On our way to the Tate Modern we stopped at St. Pauls. Ali needed to take care of some banking nearby so I took the kids to the side entrance, where the elevator was. Much to my surprise there was a ticket lady; we needed to pay to get in. I suppose I just went to services in the past so was never required to pay an entrance fee. I explained to the woman that I just wanted to go in and light a few candles and say a prayer. When I travel I like to stop in and light a candle in memory of my brother Josh, friend Adam and my grandma. Ali had already left so I needed to navigate on my own. Thankfully the ticket lady escorted us via the elevator into the church, free of charge.

It wasn’t until after I took a photo of the candles that I saw the ‘no pictures allowed’ plaque. Oops. We didn’t stay long, I wanted to meet Ali before he came looking for us since he’d have to pay to get in. My phone wasn’t working, so that could have been inconvenient. We walked past the school kids having lunch on the front steps and I was reminded of the many times I’d met a friend/Ali there for a bite as well. After posing for photos we headed towards the Millennium Bridge to the Tate, looking back at the cathedral against the bright blue sky.