5 Months

Dear Tallula,

Today you are 5 months old. This morning you went to your first Christmas party; we celebrated at Sebastian’s school. You enjoyed the music but not much else as you are also experiencing your first cold. You don’t want me to put you down and when I needed to put our jackets on, you were very angry. Your eyes get blotchy red just like Seb’s, and mine, when you cry. I was thankful for the kindness of another mom who held you.

photo copy

Month 5 has been a big month for you. Just like clockwork, on November 24 you started babbling. Up until now you had been making all sorts of noises. But on this day you sat in your swing making these sounds and added ‘da da da’ into your repertoire. Just like that. Easy peasy. We hadn’t even practiced. I love listening to you babble and try to introduce new sounds to you, like ‘ma ma ma’. You watch my face, my lips, and smile. Soon enough.


This month you continue to move your body, rolling from back to front with ease and front to back with a bit more caution. Mostly when my back is turned so that when I next see you, your position has changed entirely. My favorite is when you have gotten to your tummy and you look up at me and smile. When you land on your front you want to move more, but can’t wiggle very far yet, soon tired, you face plant and all but give up. Resulting in a big sigh and cry out for help. Adorable.



You seem to be growing out of your desire to swing a bit, you no longer fall asleep in it. While we get ready for breakfast in the morning you are happy to sit and swing with a few toys but soon protest and want to join us. We got out your high chair seat, but you are nonplused. It sits on the floor at the moment, you take your toys and throw them off. Your two bottom teeth are slowly making their way to their surface, so most of your toys are currently chewable. You take great bites into them for relief.


You are standing and starting to jump in the ‘Johny Jumper’, you move your legs and little feet, smoothly across the wooden floor, turning your body, taking the room in from a new perspective. Catching the colorful lights on the tree with your minds eye.


You are happy to lie in your crib for a bit when you wake up and you move all sorts of directions to see the dragonflies and flowers on your walls. You are happy to settle in with a blanket for nap time and I spy on you, catching you pulling the blanket up over your head and back down again. You are starting to enjoy ‘peek-a-boo’ with us too. You love lying next to your big brother, grabbing his hands, looking directly into his eyes and ‘talking’. I love how you are both always so happy to see each other.



You still dislike the flash on the camera and refuse to smile/pose for us. Sebastian hasn’t taught you that trick yet, but he’s trying! We love you baby girl. Your smiles, your laughter and your perfectly perfected pout.


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