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Christmas in Michigan

Even though we had two sick kiddos, the car was packed the night before so Saturday evening (Dec 21) we drove the 5 hours plus to my mom’s. Tallula slept most of the way, but Sebastian really struggled and as if on cue fell asleep just before we made it to the border. Although we had to stop to refuel and use the bathroom, the kids stayed in the car. We usually all have to go in at the border while Ali gets his Visa, thankfully they made an exception for us this time. We missed the family Christmas party that night and the other one on Christmas Eve. But my brother Bill and his family all came over on Christmas to see the kids. Sebastian and Tallula got some good quality time in with the cousins. We were so thankful for the friends and family that came to us so we could still get some lovin’, and make sure the kids made a full recovery. The rest is best shared without many words…

An art easel for Sebastian! He can use it standing in his walker. He gave his cousins framed masterpieces from his collection as Christmas gifts this year.


A white Christmas!

Tallula enjoyed chomping on her new board books best.

A ‘tree house’ with little wooden people and animals for imaginative play.

Tallula’s first doll. Goldilocks (we call her Maebelle), handmade from an etsy shop.

Tallula is wearing a reindeer onesie from our friends over at Unexpected Lessons.

Tallula’s second doll, from my mom. With hands perfect for chomping on.

Hanging out with Uncle Bill, Aunt Shannon and the cousins.





We didn’t take loads of photos when visiting, Sebastian wasn’t his usual self, too tired to pose for the camera with his gorgeous smile. But we certainly made many warm memories. When his cousin Logan was around, they were too busy playing. According to Logan, he and Sebastian will live together when they grow up. ‘Sebastian will be the brains’ of the dynamic duo and make all the money and Logan will take care of him with it. We are blessed. With family near and far (awesome facetime with Granny and Pop in Oz on Christmas Eve AND Christmas) and friends, all across the globe. And for those we didn’t get to see, here’s hoping for next time!


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