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Yes and No

Sebastian uses a communication book to communicate with us because he is non-verbal. We go through each page in the book with him and he tells us which page (top or bottom), which row (color coded, two rows each page) and which square (four squares each row) by using his ‘yes’ and ‘no’ faces. Each square has a picture (real/cartoon) matched with the corresponding word.




Sebastian loves using his book. It really comes in handy when something is bothering him. Just getting it out will stop his whining or crying and we can then understand what is bothering him. Since his G-tube surgery, we’ve been using the book more regularly. There has been a lot of whining as he’s had a lot of discomfort during recovery. Last weekend in less than five minutes using his book he told us that he wanted his Papa-daddy; he was feeling tired and angry; and he needed to burp. Once we accommodated him, he then told us he wanted snack and that he wanted hummous and crackers. The next day he was feeling sad in the morning and he told us he wanted to talk to his Grandma in Michigan. So we called her.

This is just the beginning.

Pure awesomeness.


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