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filmpossible: Vote for Seb Can Do!

Filmpossible is a video and photo contest put on by Holland Bloorview, a children’s rehab hospital where Sebastian frequents for various services. You might remember our photo entry from last year. This year we wanted to enter a film. For the past few weeks we’ve been gathering, shooting, and editing videos which show Sebastian being fully engaged in the world around him and loving life. We hope that you will take 2 minutes to watch our video and vote. There are some pretty amazing videos/photos (aside from ours) so I hope you will check them out too. The theme is Bringing visibility to disability.

Voting: Vote for SebCanDo.

Round 1: You can vote once a day until March 25, when first round of voting is complete. On March 26th the top three submissions with the most votes will win a Cisco Visibility (monetary) Award. We all know how helpful additional funds are in getting Sebastian the therapy he needs, but you many not know that we also have acquired extra costs with his new G-tube and feeding equipment/regime. Anything helps!

Round 2: the judges choose the top 6 in each category and then there is another round of voting from March 26th-April3. Details to follow if we make the cut!

I wish I could embed the video because it is AWESOME. But instead you need to hop on over and check out our entry on filmpossible. Make sure you register so you can vote once a day, every day, until March 25. If you see another video or photo that knocks your socks off, you can vote for that too. You can vote for as many as you’d like, but only once per video/photo per day.

Spread the love. We’d be thrilled to have you share Seb Can Do’s video with others too.

Prizes are fun and motivating. But our goal in making this video is to show the world  that despite having cerebral palsy, it does not define who Sebastian is, because he won’t let it. And neither do we.


Practicing his movie star pose…


4 thoughts on “filmpossible: Vote for Seb Can Do!”

  1. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for ages and am a great admirer of Seb and all his achievements! He reminds me of my little boy whose four now. Really brilliant video – have voted! Do you mind me asking what the ipad communication app you’re using is? I’m so impressed by Seb’s AAC skills!


    1. Hi Emma, great to hear from you! And thanks for your support. The app in the video is Voice4U. It is the one we started with when we first got the iPad almost 3 years ago. It is good because he can use his eyes to chose from his favorites and then he like to tough the big screen as his targeting for smaller icons would take a long time. We only use this app for some very basic things, like bedtime, morning and meal time. He likes the voice output. He uses a low tech book with eye gaze for choices and everything else throughout the day. We have a trial for the Tobii eye gaze system hopefully in May which would combine eye gaze and voice output, which I know he would love. We also have the Proloquo2Go app and I am trying to set it up to be like his low tech book, but it is quite an undertaking and I’m not sure it would be the same for him since he is used to using his hands with the iPad.


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