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Wordless Wednesday: Tubie Friend


Thanks to The Tubie Friends charity Sebastian received his new puppy this week. He named him Patches and gave him lots if cuddles and kisses. Patches has a Mic-key button. Sebastian has a follow up appointment in a couple weeks to find out when he can get his tube changed to one like Patches.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tubie Friend”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this awesome organization. My dad had a tube after his stroke, and I showed this to him and we both agreed that it is too cute for words! I totally would have made my dad one.


    1. It is a great organization. Sebastian was so happy to see the tube in his new friend. He really identified with it. Since he is non-verbal it is difficult to really understand how he is feeling about this big change in his life, other than asking yes/no questions for him to answer. They provide them to kids under 18, but you can purchase one for a sibling or adult and funds go towards making another tubie friend for another child in need.


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