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Sleeping Son

Dear Sebastian,

Tonight is the first time you’ve fallen asleep in my arms in months. I’ve missed the curve of your body around mine. The way your body fully relaxes in sleep. Your breathing slows into a sweet rhythm. In sleep you do not have cerebral palsy. You have dreams and every morning when I ask if they were good, you smile. I know that your body in free in sleep. And you rest up for the day ahead and tackle the obstacles created by a body that can’t listen to your mind. Tonight I feel your body rise and fall again my chest. I’m so glad I’m your mama. And I rock a little more, just to hold this moment in my heart for a little longer.


5 thoughts on “Sleeping Son”

  1. That is beautiful Kara…It brought tears to my eyes…I can empathize with that feeling…when your child sleeps and snuggles up to you…they are that pure child…with no illness…no confusion…no fears…just their purity..innocence…


  2. Short and so very sweet post… Reminded me of a post I write in 2010 titled Sleep, Oia, Sleep, regarding the very same thoughts and feelings.


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