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The BIG Snow

The second weekend of February brought a big snow storm through the midwest and north east of North America. The day after the big snow, the sun shone brightly against a back drop of a bright blue sky. The snow was perfect. Pristine. Inviting. Our road was paved with snow and a large snow bank separated it and the entrance to the busier road our quiet street corners. We were able to enjoy the snowy path before the city sent its snow plows to clear the sidewalks and the streets. It was Tallula’s first time playing in the snow (since both kids had been sick during the holidays). She, like most of our family, found it quite over-rated. Sebastian loves being pulled in the sled and going down hills. He was also sporting his new transition lenses. What a difference they make. I can’t believe it took us so long to get them! Here are just a few photos from our snowy adventure that morning. I enjoy the memory of the magical snow, but am ready for Spring. So ready.