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Filmpossible Cisco Visibility Winners

On March 26th the Cisco Visibility winners were to be posted on the filmpossible website. Everytime I received an email, I was hoping it was the contest announcing the winners. That email never came. I continued to check the site in hopes the winners had been published. The day passed without the winners posted. The next morning and into the afternoon I continued to check the site with anticipation. At around 3pm, I checked it again. The afternoon had been a bit challenging with the kiddos and I needed something to lift my mood. I did not expect to see what I saw. At the bottom of the page, there we were. Seb Can Do in the # 1 spot! I hugged Seb tight and started to cry. I called Ali. And my mom. We won! We won! We won! I then checked the 6 videos and 6 photos which had made it to Round 2 – chosen by the judges/not based on viewers votes. We were not among them, but I didn’t care. Our goal was to make it to the top 3 and win a Visibility Award and WE DID IT!


And we couldn’t have done it without YOU. Thank you for your votes and for helping us get the word out. Our video reached friends and family, near and far. And friends of friends, etc. Many folks we’ve never met. Sebastian’s video has been seen all over the world. Australia. Thailand. Nazareth. Cairo. Oslo. Paris. Chilé. UK. US. Canada. Finland. Netherlands. Switzerland. We truly brought visibility to disability.

‘Way to go Kara. I truly wish one day I stop labeling and judging people. Videos like this one are the right step in making that possible. Well done!’ ‘What an incredible video – I’d say Sebastian smiles so much because he is a member of such a supportive, loving and encouraging family.’ ‘What a beautiful child! Awesome video Kara and Ali. Brought tears to my eyes. Loved the music. Most of all I loved Seb’s smile..I kept catching myself smiling when I looked at was so catching :)’ ‘Sebastian truly has over come many obsticals and through all of his trials he has learned to keep going. What an awesome testimony for a child who the doctors said “he will never….” He has proven them wrong and will continue to do so. Praise God.’ ‘No Limitations-continue to press’ ‘He is a champion bringing joy to everyone he meets, as soon as he smiles at you your heart melts. He will always be a winner if our eyes.’ ‘Smile, Smile, Smile, what a champ. You will always be the winner. Pop & Granny all the way from Down Under.’ ‘This is a great video, he is such an amazing kid.’ ‘Sebastian, there is nothing you cannot do. Thank you for the inspiration. That was a beautiful film, guys. Keep it up!’ ‘Inspiring and awesome video. CP does not define him. Love that smile. ‘ ‘”Some people look at things the way they are and cry “Why!” But I want to look at things and see what they could be and ask “Why not?” (The Junkyard Wonders). Thank you, Seb and family ‘ ‘I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again… Sebastian’s smile is magic.’

And for that, I am thankful.

What did we win? Money! Seb will be able to have music therapy/lessons as mentioned in my previous post. He will also get something fun like and indoor swing. Cisco donated $1 to Holland Bloorivew Kids Rehab Hospital for each of your votes (up to 10,000 votes) over the course of the contest.

 The contest isn’t over for those that made it to Round 2. Please head back to filmpossible to see us in the #1 spot and click through to see the top videos and photos. Since you’ve already registered to vote for us, I encourage you to vote for your favorite video and photo. The winners of Round 2 will be announced April 3rd. Hopefully all videos and photos will be reposted once the contest ends as there are many worth checking out. My top 3 videos in Round 2 are: ‘My black-capped angels’,’ The First Step’ and ‘I Won’t Give Up’.  Once the contest closes, I will upload the video here for all to see, whenever you want! 

Sebastian thanks you!



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