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Dear Daughter

I want the world to appreciate you more. I want the world to respect you more. I want sons to learn that you are important. You are valuable. You are smart. You are equal. You deserve more. You deserve everything. I want you to learn that you are beautiful. I want you to appreciate and love yourself. All of yourself.

You will be educated. You will have empathy and understanding. Patience. And strength. I imagine taking you to a V-Day rally. In a short skirt. And pink hair.

I read a very sad story today. It broke my heart. And it made me angry. I want to protect you. But I also want you to know. Be aware. So that you can protect yourself. Be safe. And fight back when you need to. And know we stand with you.

You are so loved. You are cherished. You bring much happiness, wonder, and light into our world. You have a brother that loves to hear your laughter. He smiles from the room down the hall as you giggle with your Papa-daddy. You have a Mama and Papa-daddy that will always support you. We will help you become the girl and the woman you will dream to become.


2 thoughts on “Dear Daughter”

  1. That is a very sad story. Beautiful words to your little girl. There are times when I miss so much having a daughter but reading things like this reminds me what different challenges it can present x Di


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