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Number Nine

Dear Tallula,

You are 9 months today. Your hair is long enough to make a mini mohawk in the bath. Seb was impressed. But I think mama and papa-daddy were even more excited to see your hair growing!


You are on the move. I recall asking Sebastian’s PT at school when crawling typically occurs. She said 9 months. You are right on schedule. A few weeks ago you gradually made the shift from pushing backwards to moving forwards and now you are unstoppable. My favorite is how you come from one room into another to find me.


You get into EVERYTHING. Even though you have every toy you could ever dream of, thanks to Sebastian’s early collection, you prefer shoes. I imagine the day you will put them on your feet, several sizes too big, and dance around the room. For now, we are trying to teach you that chewing on them is ‘yucky.’


You fell off the bed earlier this month. I reached for your shirt to get you dressed and turned back to see you on your tummy pushing yourself over the edge, backwards. Your bum hit first and then your head. My heart raced and reaching you was like being caught in slow motion. Not fast enough. You cried and I held you close to my chest, praising God that you were ok.


You went on your first swing. All by yourself! We had so much fun. But you enjoyed it even more. We are looking forward to many fun afternoons at the park once the warm weather returns for good!


We enjoyed some early Spring sunshine at the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market at Evergreen Brickworks. You enjoyed being serious and silly with Papa-daddy as we walked around in the sunshine, munching on yummy treats and searching for frogs in the pond.


You love Sebastian’s Red Racer. Whenever he is in it, you crawl to him and try to climb up. I think you will pull up to stand there first. It will be so ironic and beautiful if you do. I know how much you want to be near your brother.


And his glasses. You love his glasses. You understand no and sometimes when you reach for them, you shake your head no, but your hand reaches forward. We love how you know that you shouldn’t grab them, but you struggle to resist the urge. They are just so irresistible!


You celebrated your first Easter! I made you a little stuffed bunny and my heart burst with happiness when you excitedly reached for it. We had a lovely Easter egg hunt and dinner at our friends in the late afternoon. You tried filling each hand with chocolate Easter eggs. I imagine you will have a sweet tooth like your brother and Papa-daddy!


Eating. I never knew I would have a child who is such an independent eater! You prefer feeding yourself. With a spoon. You like to chew on both ends. I gave you your first teething biscuit this month and watched you like a hawk. I am so afraid of choking. You sucked it in and when a small piece fell off into your mouth, you sucked on it until it was mush and swallowed. Your muscles know exactly what to do. Amazing. But I know I will still be cautious. Afterall, I’m your mama.



When you want to be held, you crawl to me, push up to sitting and bounce, arms out. Requesting I pick you up in a sing song voice. You started to say Mama and mean it. While grandma was visiting, I took Seb to school and therapy. You looked around for me and asked for Mama. You also started to stick your tongue in and out, making new noises. We think you are very fun! You are very independent and love to explore and get into things on your own. But when you are ready for company, you let us know. Whether it is by crawling up and onto Sebastian, or crawling towards us and demanding to be picked up, with your voice, you let us know exactly what you want, and you want it NOW.


You started to enjoy reading books for more than nutritional purposes and began carrying them around with you whenever we leave the house. Although you still refuse to hold onto us when we carry you, you hold firm to a book when we walk out to the car or into school to get Sebastian. No big surprise being raised in a home full of book lovers! Books are everywhere!


When you wake at night you move to sitting in the dark. I come in to your cries and reaching to be held. No more lying on Mama and Papa-daddy’s bed surrounded by pillows. I walked in to find you sitting up perfectly. Contemplating your next move. Almost had a heart attack.


I wish I wrote down your adventures daily because you have so many dear Lula. You amaze us and make us laugh with your curiosity, will and drama. Yes. You are already dramatic. Like your mama. And we love it. We couldn’t love you more sweet girl. We are so happy you make us a family of four. Mwah!



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