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Five Minute Friday: Brave

Such a big word. For my big boy. You have been asked to be brave, so many times. And without protest, you always are.

From birth you faced challenge and adversity. You breathed your first breath a little too late and not without help. But you breathed it. And you are here.

You have had more surgeries/under anesthetic procedures in your big 5 years (on Monday!) Than I have in my 36. And everytime you are brave.

You have a collection of therapists and teachers and friends in all of the places you have lived, and even a few in the places we have only traveled. You listen and work hard, trying new things everytime. You are brave.

You enjoy life and love flying high on the swings, speeding in your stroller or Red Racer. You like going on bumpy roads and through pretend bat caves. You roar with the dinosaurs and at the lions. You are brave.

Sebastian. My big, brave, almost 5 year old son. I love you so much my heart feels like it will burst open sometimes.

This post was written for Five Minute Friday.


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Brave”

  1. Kara, so thankful to have found you through FMF this morning. This stirs something deep. What courage, what bravery, what strength and tenderness and joy in just five minutes. Such a beautiful boy you have and what a brave, loving mama heart you reveal, too. Blessings to you and your family.


  2. Here’s to Sebastian the Brave. Big-hearted and changing the world one heart at a time! Thanks for introducing us.

    And reminding me to appreciate every chance I get to go fast, fly high and rattle over bumpy roads. Adults miss out on so much when we forget the finer things in life.


  3. And to just think, he is brave so he can laugh everyday, tell when he’s excited and argue with me about going outside before lunch! What a guy 😀


  4. …Just think he is brave so he can laugh everyday, yell when he’s excited and argue with me about going outside before he’s eaten lunch. What a guy 😀


  5. Your almost-5 Sebastian can teach us with all our years about bravery; he certainly did me through your post. Thank you for sharing him with us through this post. So glad I stopped by from FMF. Blessings to Sebastian and his brave mama!


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