Mic-Key Twins: Sebastian and Patches

Waiting with Patches to see the GI clinic nurse.

Sebastian graduated to his Mic-Key button today. He was a superstar. I’m so thankful his Papa-daddy was there to hold his hands while the nurse popped his g-tube out and placed the new button in. I distracted Sebastian with Curious George on the iPad and Tallula cheered him on.

We then had a short session afterwards to learn how to take care of it (there is a tiny balloon filled with sterile water at the end of the inner tube keeping it in place that we need to check and change the water weekly). I’m going to set up an appointment for end of June to learn how to change it/put it in if it comes out since we travel to Michigan somewhat frequently and will be traveling on holiday this summer. She usually teaches parents who want to know at the 6-8 month mark when the button needs changing. At my request, she agreed to a session earlier, though we won’t be changing the button. (We pay for them each time and they aren’t cheap!) I personally prefer to have a nurse take care of such things, though knowing how to do it if necessary is empowering and really just practical!

Finito! Cuddling with Patches for the ride home.

Sebastian seems very comfortable and it looks great! Gone is the fear that it will get tugged and pulled out. Although not impossible, it is less likely than having an external tube dangling from his tummy. And gone is the tape to hold that longer tube in place and also the alcohol to rub the tape and sticky stuff off every night! His tummy survived, skin still soft. But he is tougher for it.

My big, brave, 5 year old boy!

I have a few questions for other button mamas/caregivers out there: venting seems more challenging than with the original tube, any tips? Also, do you prime the milk through the extension set before attaching to the button to avoid air? How to avoid air when putting meds in (through extension set)? Avoiding air bubbles and getting them out is a big deal for Seb. Thanks in advance!


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  1. Hi, we find the Mic-key great. I prime the tube with water before giving meds, maybe 5ml. Venting, I find moving the tube/child into different positions helps release any trapped wind. We do blended food rather than milk but I remember with formula it’s important to let the milk ‘settle’ as it can get a lot of bubbles in it. So if it’s one you mix yourself let it rest a while before giving. Seb looks like he’s doing great with it all. And Happy 5th Birthday! Rosie x


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