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Film Possible Fete

Today was the big day!


This afternoon we went as a family to accept our award for Seb Can Do.


Sebastian was so excited. He was treated like a star. We met the other families behind the other winning videos and photos.  He was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the clapping and loud music, so we watched from the back, even though we had reserved seats with the other winners.


As soon as our video came onto the big screen, he was calmed by the music.


And then Sebastian and I accepted our big prize.


So many folks came up to congratulate us and meet Sebastian: judges, other winners and their families. Sebastian had four folks/therapists that he works with stop by the awards ceremony to congratulate him. I love that Sebastian is so loved. It reminds me that we are in the right place.

And now presenting to you, dear readers. The original video in its entirety posted on Vimeo. (The password is ‘sebcando’)

Seb Can Do from Kara Sharp on Vimeo.

You can still visit filmpossible winner spotlight to see our video as well as the other awesome winners!