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Dear Tallula,

You waved on April 24. Sebastian and I were leaving his bedroom, I told you I would be right back to get you. You lifted your right hand and waved at me. You said ‘hi’ and waved to everyone at Seb’s school on April 25. I suppose it was your first real word. Though you consistently shake your head no and sometimes make the ‘n’ sound simultaneously. No, whenever we greet a group of people you wave your hand, sometimes like a princess in a procession, and almost sing ‘hi’.


You saw your first Cherry Blossoms in High Park! We had a picnic and watched all the people walking by, stopping, climbing into trees for the best photos. The blooms were beautiful and the day was sunny.


We went to Michigan for a quick weekend visit (the weekend our final car payment was due! No more car payment!!!) to celebrate your Great-Grandpa’s 80th birthday. He loves you and Sebastian so much. I’m glad we could be there. You were introduced to Aunts and Uncles and cousins too. Everyone was so happy to see you and you were happy to visit, until you weren’t. Then you got sleepy and it was time to go.



You started pulling to stand on May 2.  I went into the kitchen to get something for our walk and came back to the living room to see you standing against the big comfy chair. You had my sunglasses and plopped down backwards on your behind. I took the glasses and put them back onto the chair and with ease you pulled yourself up and I saw you this time. I took the glasses and put them out of your reach on more time and without effort, without thought, you just pulled up and got them again. Two days later you were pulling up to standing on Seb’s Red Racer. Ever since you continue to crawl from one object to the next and pull up to explore, climb, step sideways and play.


You started wearing reusable nappies. Mostly. There are still those messy pants I’d like to avoid in a reusable. But we are getting there! Which means you are eating more and trying new foods and textures. I have some good friends guiding me past my extreme fear of choking and slowly encouraging me to give you things like tiny bits of toast with butter. Or soft chunky bits of veggies or tiny mashed up rice. You are picking them up with your two fingers off your tray and sucking them thoroughly. I watch you nervously and also mesmerized at the way your mouth works and your lips close. Nothing is short of amazing in all you do. Even the simple things. And I want to continue to encourage you and give you the opportunity to build your skills so I didn’t want to give you purees only for the first year! You tried ice cream – Coconut Bliss – for the first time and LOVE it as much as Sebastian. Sometime when it hits your front teeth you scrunch up your face but quickly move the spoon to get as much as you can.


Teeth!!! This month you had 3 teeth break through. You try to gnaw on my knees when I’m sitting on the floor with you and Sebastian. It tickles and when I laugh you stop and laugh too. The side of your crib – which you now are one head taller than, evident from pulling to stand – has several bite marks. It’s been a bit uncomfortable for you and interrupts your sleep a bit. Although quickly calmed by me picking you up, you’ve been unable to settle without me holding you, on several occasions.


You celebrated your first Mother’s Day. Papa-Daddy surprised me with a mani/pedi at a spa down the street. The weather was moody that day, sunshine one minute, rain/hail the next. But the three of you picked me up after my treatment (it was strange having someone take care of me, I’m so used to taking care of everyone else) and we walked to the Tea Emporium to enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits. Papa-Daddy kept you from getting into all the pretty – fragile – things and bonking your head on the glass top tables. And you laughed, filling our day with more sunshine. While your brother and I posed for photos. Mother’s Day photos of course!



You celebrated Sebastian’s 5th birthday. You greeted and climbed on all of our guests. And after they left you both had gifts to open as our friends so graciously included you in the festivities. You couldn’t decide which new toy to play with. It was a sneak peak at your first birthday coming up in just two months time.


A week ago today you met Eve Ensler. I was beyond delighted to discover she’d be coming to Toronto on her book tour, In the Body of the World. I had to go. You had to go too since you are still nursing before bed. Someday when you are old enough to understand I will tell you how we stood in line -my heart pounding- with two books to present to Eve, one for each of us. Yours, ‘An Emotional Creature’, your Papa-Daddy bought me when we were living in Cairo. I will tell you how and why I discovered Eve and how she changed my life and in turn – hopefully – helped me change the lives of others too. I will tell you about V-Day and The Vagina Monologues and why wearing a short skirt is ok – for the right reasons. Someday, baby girl. When you are no longer a baby, though you will always be our ‘baby’ girl.


We love you. Your giggle. Your excitement. Your tired dramatic outbursts. Your strong arm, flinging your spoon across the room or off your tray. You sweet taste buds, preferring coconut yogurt and mango to rice cereal or cous cous porridge. Your big blue eyes, that get bluer when you cry, surrounded by big, red blotches: just like your mama. We love how you don’t hold on when we carry you, unless we need ‘help’ holding a cup or a book or any other object which might also be in our arms. We love how you climb on top of Sebastian when he’s in his bean bag, up his Red Racer, or onto his bed, to be close to him. We love how you make him laugh. We love watching you play with toys, discovering how they work or copying what we show you. We love how you try to keep your mouth shut and smile when you put something in your mouth – like a tiny piece of paper you found on the floor – when we try to get it out. We love holding you when we sleep, even if it means that is all we can do because someday you will be too big to hold so we hold you close as long as you will let us. We love trying to be serious and to say ‘no’ and mean it when you do something like take Sebastian’s sock off and bite his toe because it seems like a good thing to do. Little Miss Tallula Violet.


We love you being a part of our family. Happy 10 months baby girl.



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  1. Love it! Milestones are so amazing to watch, aren’t they? We have a Tallulah, too! (We spell it with an “h” at the end, though!) Don’t you just love her name? People are always surprised by it, but it’s so pretty! Your Tallula is a sweet, little doll!


    1. Thanks. I do love her name. So many ways to say/sing it. It’s funny how there are no Tallula’s until you have one and then you meet more. Beautiful.


  2. She would not do well in our house– I see toe-nibbling as mandatory! Kids toes are such perfect little jellybeans! I love her chubby little cheeks!


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