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Dear Lula,

I love how you are unsure of the grass but you are slowly taking risks, especially when Sebastian is nearby and you can reach up to him and not feel so alone in the great green expanse of ‘nature’.


This month you did so many things! I can’t believe that in one more month you will have been with us for a full year! The weather has just started to really get hot and I am reminded of my swollen feet as I carried you in my (big) belly during the hottest months of the year.

This month you started nodding yes and you still love to nod no. Especially when I ask for kisses, you shake your head no and smile and you know I will give you a big kiss anyway. Speaking of kisses, you are starting to give them, like Sebastian, mouth open. You are also learning to blow kisses to your big brother and Papa-daddy at bedtime. Your Papa-daddy has also taught you that toots and big burps are funny. One of our favorite things you started to do, is singing! Sebastian especially loves to listen to you play music and sing into the microphone.

You also started to play Peek-a-boo with a blanket and then with your hands. Currently, it’s your go-to game. You play all the time. Peeking behind your fingers and exploding with laughter when we ‘find’ you.

You have some pretty fun faces. You like to scrunch up your face and also squeeze things really hard. Sometimes your face turns red and you hold your breath you are concentrating so much. You make us laugh. A lot.

This month you graduated into a bigger car seat! I will never tire of photos of you sleeping. Or even just looking down at you, cradled in my arms or asleep on my lap. Some of my most favorite moments. And I treasure them, even if it means I am not sleeping when I want to be because one day you will be too big!

I love to watch you play. You get into everything. And I love it. We try to tell you ‘yucky’ about the recycling, but you still take it out and put it back into the bin. You are taller! You can reach the window sill and anything on it! You can reach the top of Sebastian’s tray. You can reach more shelves now, pulling the books off all of the book shelves. You found the crafts in my sewing area and you like to pull the bucket of markers and crayons out. You pull them in and out of the bucket and try to carry one with you while crawling. Sometimes you put them into the pockets of clothes. If you aren’t busy exploring then you want to do what we are doing. Even if I’m washing the dishes, you want up! You love crawling through small spaces, like between my legs when I’m washing the dishes/preparing dinner or between the cupboards and Sebastian’s Red Racer. You often get stuck and get very frustrated, shouting, bursting into tears. You recently started crawling through your tunnel and sitting inside to play with a toy. It’s time to get out the blankets and sheets and build a fort. Sebastian loves them and I know you will too.


You are busy busy busy. Even after bath time, you don’t want to settle in for a cuddle and a good book. You want to be on the move. But you can often be found sitting with a book on your own during the day.

You are starting to move around on your feet. You climb up to standing, sometimes using a piece of furniture or sometimes just leaning against the wall. You started pushing a wooden car toy and taking your first steps. We were in awe of you as you wobbled down the hallway in your diaper. You also like to push our dining chairs around the dining room until you hit a wall or a piece of furniture then you plop down and crawl somewhere else and explore.

You think it’s hilarious to take Sebastian’s glasses. He thinks it is pretty endearing too until you rip them off of his face. Laugher ensues and I always keep a straight face but it is so hard! You also bite his toes when he’s in the Red Racer, though since he koncked you in the face with his foot you haven’t since.

You like to help push Sebastian’s Red Racer when you are in the front facing carrier. And you get very mad when we ask you to let go.

You are eating Cheerios and dairy (yogurt) and have even tried ice cream. You are eating the same food as Sebastian now and even some chunkier bits. You are still in charge of your own meals, though you do let us get in a bite or two for you with the spoon. When you finish, you throw your spoon to the ground. This is how you ask for more, even though we are trying to teach you the sign for ‘more’. Tossing the spoon is more gratifying I suppose. When you don’t want to eat something you hide your spoon in your seat next to you, between the arm rest and the side of the seat. Very cheeky, I mean sneaky.

You went to your first Toronto Doors Open: You hung out in the carrier while we toured the old Carpet Factory (outside) and Bridgepoint Hospital and former Don Jail. All the touring and photo taking and posing made you tired and you fell asleep at the end.

You went to your first zoo, the Bowmanville Zoo. You especially liked the goats nibbling on Sebastian’s shoes!

You are starting to push boundaries (Tallula Violet!) and you are very good at letting us know what you want and how you feel when you don’t get it. Because, of course, you should get everything you want. I usually do. I can see your strong will rising up and your zest for life. You get so excited about something or want it so badly that you breath quickly and reach out for it. I spend a lot of time watching you. Your beauty. Your inquisitive nature. And the miracle of a body that does everything you want it to. I know you will grow appreciating this and understanding it in a way many never even think about. You gravitate towards Sebastian, whether he is in his chair or the bean bag. You want to be near him, even if it’s antagonizing him. And he is so happy to have you near. Even when you are ripping his glasses from his face.
You are AMAZING Lula girl. And we love you SO much.


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