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The Sharps Went on Holiday


We just returned from a very big road trip. Ali’s parents are in town this month so we went exploring. We drove, ok – Ali mostly drove – from Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec-Tadoussac-Montreal-Prince Edward County-Toronto over 11 days. Wowsa!

Check out some of our photos on Instagram . We had a fabulous time but I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks!

A few highlights:

We saw dinosaurs. At the Canadian Nature Museum in Ottawa. And lots of other amazing stuff. A photography exhibit on oil. A blue whale skeleton. Twig insects. Tallula slept through most of it but Sebastian had an excellent time.


We had so much fun exploring Montreal. Cool neighbourhoods. Old city. Biodome. Botanical gardens. Shopping. Parks. (And we got to visit on the way back too!)


The old city in Quebec was beautiful. So full of colour, history and music! The festival of music was in town. We listened to some good folk busking, including the ‘saw’ as an instrument. We explored the old city, climbed the hill leading to the citadel, ate crépes and maple flavoured gelato, and took many iPhone photos after our camera battery died (!!!) half way though our trip.


The road to Tadoussac on the St. Lawrence river was about 3 hours longer than I thought. I’m not sure how I got it into my mind it was only a half hour north of Quebec! But we made it. And we saw whales! Lots of them. Up close. Diving. Spouting. We heard them breathing. Oh it brought tears to my eyes.


And the road back was quicker than the journey there. We stopped at a cheese/dairy farm on our way to Prince Edward County where we stayed on a tiny peninsula so we could view the water on either side of us as we walked to the playground and had a dip in the pool. We ate chocolate-orange ice cream and rhubarb ginger in a small artisan town after fish-n-chips and chocolate truffle shopping.


It was a somewhat peaceful way to end the trip but for Sebastian’s seizure and rough evening with air in his tummy. We ended our trip a day early because we just needed to sleep in our own beds. It feels good to be home with the memories of a fabulous adventure. More stories and photos to follow.



3 thoughts on “The Sharps Went on Holiday”

  1. I am amazed how you are able to catch the romance in all those pics. I am getting inspired here for our own trip. 🙂
    Happy for you you had the best time. Now enjoy some rest. I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts and reflections.


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