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Rain or Shine. It’s Halloween Time.


Tallula and I celebrated Halloween with Sebastian at school. A parade was organized with trick-or-treating stations manned by staff and volunteers dressed up as a variety of fun characters. Tallula and I pushed Sebastian and stopped as friendly faces asked if he wanted candy or chocolate, stickers or books. Chocolate was a popular choice. I loved how nearly everyone knew him by name. Many introduced themselves and ways they work with him or even just as a fan of his recent VMI performance. I was worried (I always worry even when it’s totally unnecessary) this year because the Halloween event we attended last year wasn’t happening. I wanted a safe and accessible place for him to trick-or-treat and he got it!


Sebastian wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween so I looked on etsy for some ideas. I still haven’t gotten my sewing area fully set up nor have I had any time. So I found someone with real costume making expertise. Pip and Bean. They make fantastic capes, costumes and hats. And this one was made just for Sebastian. They made sure it would work with his Red Racer. And it did. The cape is so beautiful and the hat so soft and warm. Definitely to be worn again and again. For fun dress up days and just when Seb is feeling funky. We love our Pip and Bean cape(s)! Stay tuned for more cape photos.


I like to do matching costumes. Last year Seb and Lula were Gerald (Elephant) and Piggie. This year we went with the Flinstones theme. Tallula was Pebbles. I pulled together her outfit and ours (Wilma and Fred) kind of last minute but they worked! I love dressing up for Halloween. Always have. Always will. Sadly due to the rainy whether we do not have a family photo. But we have the memories. And the candy!

I was looking forward to taking the kids out in our new neighbourhood so we could meet a few of the neighbours we haven’t had the chance to meet yet. I tried not to be deterred by the rain, after all, what are umbrellas and rain jackets for? I imagined we would stand on our lovely big porch to hand out candy as a family after our own trick-or-treating adventures.


The Reality: even though we live on a short one way street, navigating a wheelchair, wagon and umbrellas kept us from getting very far. I was disappointed too when I discovered the neighbor with the awesome ramp I was looking forward to using didn’t have his light on. We know the neighbours on either side of us. Then we ventured to two others on either side of them and met a nice young family with a dragon and the Paper Bag Princess and a very nosy grandma who certainly knew we were new to the neighbourhood and wanted to know how much we paid in rent. The family was very friendly and came down the steps to say hi to Sebastian and gave us double the candy.

We were definitely getting rained on even with the two umbrellas. Tallula wanted to be pulled in the wagon but once we arrived at a new house she wanted to climb out and walk up to the porch to wave hello. As we walked back up our drive the rain began to subside a bit but we were pretty wet and tired. It was bath time for the kiddos and although we waited for a bit for trick-or-treaters, no one showed up. I left our loot on the porch with a nice note. It was empty after bath time.


Holland Bloorview was doing a fundraiser where each coin registered in the raffle donated an additional $5. There were lots of prizes to be won with a chance each time you registered a coin. While raising money for the hospital and also raising some awareness about kids and disabilities I was looking forward to spreading the word, sugar coated. But the coins made it into the bags of rain soaked children so I can only hope they register them to win a trip to Great Wolf Lodge or a new play station among over 500 prizes. You can learn more about the fundraiser at Change for Kids


2 thoughts on “Rain or Shine. It’s Halloween Time.”

  1. The kiddos look adorable! The dinosaur costume came out great for Seb, too. I have to ask- did you make his bandana? I love that one- the fabric is beyond awesome! I’d love to make crutch covers out of it for myself.


    1. Thanks Cassie! I did make the bandana for Sebastian. I got the material on etsy. I think if you search for the print a lot of vendors will come up. One of my faves is Stitch Stash Diva. They have a rewards program. BTW I enjoy reading your blog when I can. Thanks for visiting.


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