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Baking. With Mama.


We’ve been sick. Really sick. We thought – hoped – it was food poisoning from our usual stop in Sarnia on the way home from Michigan (US) Thanksgiving weekend. At least that way maybe the whole family wouldn’t get it. But every one did. One at a time. I went down first which meant I recovered first, thankfully. I had flashbacks to my backpacking days and food poisoning in SEAsia. Not fun.

Sebastian got sick last, so we thought maybe he’d be spared. He was hit hard. From Wednesday night onward he was SICK. It’s pretty stressful when he’s sick because he doesn’t have the reserve that the rest of us do. So even though he’s not sick now, his body is still recovering. I sent him to school today and he fell asleep in library. So I went and picked him up after lunch. He was smiling when I laid him down for a nap when we got home. And he slept at least an hour and a half.

He woke refreshed and happy. Tallula continued sleeping so after we had snack we decided to do some baking. Sebastian and I haven’t baked together in a long time. I miss having him home in the afternoons. We made Dream Bars. A bit of a warm up for the Christmas cookie recipes I have on my list to try this year. We had a lot of fun.


Even though he’s been tired and recovering, I know he’s feeling better because he’s got his smile back. And he’s laughing at me when I’m trying to explain in my serious voice to Tallula that jumping on the bed while trying to make it is not helpful. He usually laughs at me when I’m using my serious voice with Tallula.


*Tallula only got sick once, thankfully. It was likely the result of too much snack followed by too much jumping.