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Firefly GoToSeat

Sebastian got to try out the new Firefly GoToSeat by Leckey, size 1, which accommodates kiddos up to 13kg. (Yes, that means Seb is under 13kg.) Firefly are a brand belonging to Leckey, they design and manufacture products to support special needs family participation. Their goal is to make it easy for kids like Seb to participate in simple activities like grocery shopping, visiting friends for tea, or an afternoon at the park.

Grocery shopping cart: The first thing we did was take it grocery shopping. We have never been able to put Seb in a shopping cart. When he was a baby, in London, we often did our grocery shopping online and it was delivered. Later, in Cairo, I’d take him in the carrier and have my groceries delivered if I couldn’t carry them home. Once we moved to Toronto and he outgrew the carrier, I’d take him in the stroller and only get as much as I could carry, go with Ali, or on my own (now with Tallula) during school hours. So we were very excited to try the Go2Seat in the shopping cart (trolley).


Sebastian loved sitting in the shopping cart with his little sister. We went as a family, so Ali held Sebastian while I put the seat into the cart. It was very easy to secure. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get him in or out on my own. His legs are too long and tight so I needed Ali’s help lifting him out. We have had the same issue with baby swings in the past. I think if he were younger (and smaller) it would have been possible to get him in and out on my own. I would need to bring the cart to the car to secure the seat first. As for sitting in the seat, Sebastian struggled a bit with head control after about 10 minutes. The seat is very upright. It doesn’t tilt but there is a cushion to lean back against and he was very secure and steady in the 5 point harness. I think the best part was how awesome he felt. Verdict: I wish I had this when he was a toddler. It would have been awesome. Will we use if for shopping again? Maybe. For quick, family trips. It’s nice to have the option, though since he’s 5.5, he may ‘outgrow’ it soon enough.


Christmas treats at a family friend’s home:This past weekend we braved the snow storm to visit our neighbors from our first home in Toronto. We knew we’d be having snack but with the snow etc we didn’t want to bring Seb’s wheelchair. So we were excited to try out the Go2Seat. It was perfect. So simple to set up and very sturdy. It’s also extremely thin and lightweight so it was easy to fit in our car which also had snow tires in the back (don’t ask why they weren’t on the car…).


We probably sat around the table chatting and enjoying hot choc and hot cider for a half hour. Sebastian had no problem at all sitting upright with excellent head control. He was easily able to eat his snack and really enjoyed his hot chocolate! And he was really happy to be at the table with all of us, so easily, in a new environment.


Verdict: success! This seat is perfect for short visits and snacks, whether it’s at a friends place or a cafe. Sebastian is happy in his Red Racer, but he’s also happy sitting in a chair like the rest of us too. I’m not sure that I would use it for a full lunch or dinner meal while he’s also being tube fed. Not because it wouldn’t be possible but because of his reflux, he needs to sit in one place for 30-40 minutes afterwards and I know he would get tired and bored! When he’s in his Red a Racer he has his wheels to take him places.


The Go2Seat can also be used for bucket swings. We will try it out once the weather gets warm (4+months from now). But I think we may find some difficulty with his legs getting stuck. And having really outgrown those swings. I’d like to try it on an adapted swing that doesn’t have a harness to see how that would work. He can’t use them currently without the extra support.

I think the Go2Seat is great for travel. Which is good for us when we go to Michigan. Or even just to our favorite neighbourhood cafe. It would easily fit in his stroller so we can bring him up to our level when we stop for a treat after an afternoon stroll. It’s small, thin, and lightweight. It is a great alternative for situations where a wheelchair isn’t possible due to limited accessibility. I wish we would have had it when Sebastian was younger. As he gets older we see his need for his wheelchair in order for him to be more independent and also communicate with his book or via technology. He can also do activities in his chair with his tray attached and sometimes uses his tray for extra support when his tired. It’s no replacement for the Red Racer, but great to have in our collection. I can’t wait to take it on our next adventure.

Thanks Firefly!



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  1. How awesome! How do you think this would go on a plane? As G gets closer to two and we are constantly on flights I am getting nervous about what we can do to keep her safe in take off and landing and eve maybe happy to be in her own seat on the plane.


    1. Hi nikkstar,
      Sorry about my delayed response. The GoToSeat is not airline approved unfortunately. We take a car seat with us for Sebastian. It has to have a sticker on it saying it’s approved, which most car seats are.


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