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Standing Tall


When he was in his Upsee, he could feel the sun on his face and felt the uneven ground beneath his feet. His chest was stretched wide open in his vest, which is important since he tends to hunch forward, especially in the carrier. At one point a new friend asked us to pose for a photo. Suddenly, I was overcome with emotion. Here we were, all standing together, in an exotic, rustic locale. I wasn’t holding him. We weren’t crouching down to be next to his wheelchair. We were all standing there. Together.

–an excerpt taken from my article on the Bloom blogTaking steps, together, with the Upsee


5 thoughts on “Standing Tall”

  1. Amazing and emotional. What a fantastic invention. When will the upsee be available for all to buy?


  2. So wonderful Kara……………we take so much for granted. Thanks for sharing and expressing with such emotion. Glad this special moment was captured on Irish soil !!!
    Love Paula


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