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Wordless Wednesday: Tobii C-I5 Eye-gaze Trial



3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tobii C-I5 Eye-gaze Trial”

  1. Go Seb go!!!! Would love to hear more about this. Coop just trialled it for the first time too and loves it! Straight to YouTube to watch lego though 😉


    1. I knew it was you. 😉 I’m definitely pulling together a post. We’ve been trialing eye gaze devices for the past year. This one was our favorite. I bet Cooper rocks it. I would like to know how tired he gets as the therapists keep saying it’s mentally exhausting. That’s something that’s harder for me to gauge with Seb. He can play for about 20-30mins before he doesn’t want to do it. I like how he can take turns with his sister and he does too.


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