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Throw Back Thursday: Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today my grandpa is 81 years old. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I’m the one on his chest. I love seeing photos of him when he was younger and hearing stories of his history. I love my grandpa so much.


I love the way he calls all of us ‘baby’. I love the way he loves my children. And the way my children love him. I love how Sebastian lights up and gets so excited when he sees him or hears his voice. I love how Tallula calls him Papaw. I am so thankful they know him. I miss my grandma. I really wish she could have met Tallula. But I have a photo of her holding Sebastian when he was just one and it’s my favorite. My grandpa misses her too. I love the memories I have of arguing with him in my twenties. Playful and always ending happily even though my grandma would try to get us to stop, fearful of us going too far. We never did. We don’t argue any more. He’s too tired and maybe I am too. I love the way my grandpa smiles at me; so happy to see me and so proud of who I am all in one.