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Easter Seals Telethon


A couple weeks ago we were invited to attend the Easter Seals Telethon. Our family was interviewed on CBC television! When we arrived we headed straight to the green room then off to hair and makeup. I felt like a movie star (or a theatre major again). It was fun to have everyone working as quickly as possible to get us all ready for the big screen.


We were the first family to be interviewed, right after a segment on Sebastian aired. There was a short video that told Sebastian’s story and had highlights from an interview in our home earlier this year. We had attended the telethon last year and met some wonderful folks who wanted to share our story to help raise awareness and funds for Easter Seals.


We have and continue to directly benefit from Easter Seals and because of this I know the funds donated go directly to the families in need. I also know that they run out and many families are left looking elsewhere. Because of this I am happy to help raise funds for Easter Seals by getting the whole family involved.


Some of the things we have been able to access through Easter Seals include funding for Sebastian’s Kid Walk walker, incontinence grant (diapers), toilet and bath seat, and Access to Entertainment Card.

This summer we will also be attending an Easter Seals family camp and most of the costs are covered by Easter Seals and donations from people like you! We are really looking forward to the opportunity to go to camp as a family and experience so many fun outdoors activities with the support and accessibility we need to accommodate Sebastian.

Once our video is up on Easter Seals YouTube, I’ll post the link which will include the entire telethon. We are in the first ten minutes. Photos (aside from collage at the top) courtesy of Easter Seals Ontario.


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  1. I watched you guys on TV you did awesome!! I was freaking as I was like I know them, even if it is through this blog. I live in Yellowknife but used to live in Toronto and before that Ottawa but I also work at one of the Easter Seals Camps, Camp Merrywood. I am heading back for my sixth summer and I am so excited to hear that you and your family are heading to Family camp this year as I know you will really enjoy it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook or email at


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