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Throw Back Thursday: RWWR


When Sebastian turned fourwe celebrated his birthday running. Well, at least Ali did. Sebastian loves to go fast. And Ali went so fast he broke the stroller wheel. After crossing the finish line of course. I cheered from the side lines as I am not a runner and I was pretty pregnant with Tallula. I actually missed them crossing the finish line. But we celebrated anyway! And I cried when I saw them with their medal.

This year, I’m going to do the race with Sebastian. And this time we will be celebrating his 6th birthday. As mentioned above, I am not a runner. The last time I ran (jogged; if you could even call it that) we were in London. I had a new running outfit on and Ali and I ran through Victoria Park. And then I tripped over my own feet and nearly fell into Regents Canal. The next day I took a pregnancy test and we discovered I was pregnant (with Sebastian). My running days were over before they began. Because I don’t even like running. So I wasn’t going to start then.

But you know what I do like? Laughter. And pure happiness. And when Sebastian goes fast, it’s the best feeling in the world. For both of us. Sometimes when we are out for a walk I break out of our walking pace and go really fast. I look down on him and he’s so happy. It makes me happy and gives me the burst of energy I need to keep running. Then I get tired because I am not a runner and I stop. We walk and then I sprint again. I think our race Sunday might go something like that.

Sebastian can’t run. He will never run. He can walk pretty fast in his kid walk walker. But he can’t run. He can’t feel that freedom of his feet hitting the pavement and then back up, hitting both the ground and the air. His heart doesn’t beat out of his chest for going so fast, pushing so hard. The adrenaline doesn’t pump into him to push him a bit further. But the effort his puts in to take his steps in his walker or the Upsee or even to sit upright in his red racer, is like running a marathon. And the wind in his hair and the sun on his face that he feels when I’m running for both of us, that’s freedom. And the way his heart beats and he is out of breath from laughing so hard from going so fast, that’s happiness.

I may not be a runner. But I do like to make Sebastian happy. And if that means running. I’m in. At last part of the time. 😉

Due to a very busy schedule I didn’t sign up for Run Walk Wheel Roll until this week so I’m very behind in my fundraising efforts. We are raising funds for Three to Be, a Canadian charity which raises awareness and funds for children with neurological disorders. These funds are making it possible for a team of researches at Sick Kids to learn more about stem cell therapy or learn how the lokomot helps kids with cerebral palsy build their walking skills. If you’d like to support us or even donate on behalf of Sebastian’s birthday, we would be so grateful. You can donate here.

Thank you for all of your support. And spread the word! Or come out and cheer on Team Seb Can Do on Sunday.


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