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We Did It!

On Sunday, May 4, Seb and I joined a team of other families and volunteers in support of Three to Be to walk 5k in the Toronto Marathon for the RWWR. 20140505-225105.jpg

Five things I learned walking AND running a 5k 8k.


FIVE. Fundraising is in my blood. In just 5 days I raised $355 (with a lofty goal of $500) for Three to Be. But it wasn’t really me. It was the family and friends supporting me. Supporting us. Thank you.

FOUR. Walking/running is easier when the wind is at your back instead of hitting you head on. But the glistening blue waters of Lake Ontario are a nice distraction.

THREE. It is possible to overachieve when choosing to do a 5k. Without anyone to tell me — or the folks I was focused on passing — when to TURN, we easily did a total of 8k. Somehow I didn’t think after seeing the 26, 28, and 30k markers that I had gone to far.

TWO. Running makes me cry. Races make me cry. Crossing the finish line makes me cry. When I saw Ali and Tallula waving the Seb Can Do banner under the pedestrian foot bridge just before the finish line, I cried. When I stopped to take a photo with a Three to Be volunteer holding up a sign for Seb (Way to Go Seb!) I cried. When I heard them call my name on the loud speaker as I ran through the finish line, pushing my son who can’t run, I cried. When I got not one, but two medals for the two of us, you guessed it, I cried. I’m an emotional girl.


And the number ONE thing I learned doing a 5k 8k: this 6 year old boy is what motivates me to run. He likes to go fast. He likes to pass people. He laughs at me when I’m talking and running or walking really fast. And I will do it again. But not without my trusty sidekick.



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