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Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood


This was the first time I held Sebastian. He was three days old. It was just two or three days before my first Mother’s Day. I had to wait three days to hold my baby after carrying him for nine months. It didn’t seem fair and quite frankly I didn’t understand. But in those first moments of feeling him against my chest. Breathing in his smell. Touching his hair. Managing his chords and the oxygen cup hiding in the photo. Just in case. I never wanted to let him go. The beeping sounds on the NICU monitors disappeared. The nurses hung back. And it was just us. Me and my baby. And his daddy. Patiently waiting for his own turn.


Sebastian turned 6 on Tuesday this week. It’s been a fun but also emotional week. I’ve been thinking about his past year and all of his adventures and accomplishments (post to follow, of course). But right now I’m remembering these first moments. Our first embrace. The week I became a mama.

I am so lucky.


1 thought on “Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood”

  1. This is a beautiful post Kara. I couldn’t imagine waiting that long to hold my baby. Who knew your baby would be this wonderful big boy I have grown to know and love. I’ll never forget when we first met, I knew what a great person he must be. Yes, I always get emotional when the kids I support (my kids) get older, it is so nice to watch them grow up. Some of my twelve years old’s have just started using AXE bodywash, everyone’s getting smellier and it’s sad that their growing up so fast.


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