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A First.


Notice anything different about this big 6 year old? Hint: It’s in his smile.

Last Sunday on May 18th, sometime in the morning, Sebastian lost his first tooth! It had been loose for a couple of months and sometimes I would wiggle it to loosen it and we’d check a couple times a week to see how loose it was getting. We started reading Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World and we talked about the Tooth Fairy visiting when his tooth would fall out. He was pretty excited and then it became a waiting game. Sebastian doesn’t bite into his foods with his front teeth as he can only chew when food is placed on his side and back molars, so there would be no biting into an dapple to help pull the tooth out.

We were visiting my mom in Michigan and he was playing with his dad, sister, and cousin Logan when it happened. I had heard stories about kids swallowing their teeth in the night and I was really hoping that wouldn’t happen! At least not for the first one! Ali came up with Seb and the tooth and said it had just fallen out. He looked down and saw Sebastian had blood in his mouth and when he realized he tooth was missing he too thought maybe Seb had swallowed it. But they found it and a great toothless photo shoot followed!



I felt so many emotions when Sebastian lost his tooth. I was so excited at such a great (age appropriate ) milestone. As much as we threw milestone markers out the window years ago – because they ultimately didn’t matter – there is still a flutter in the depth of my belly at the excitement of something happening almost like it’s ‘supposed’ to, when it almost didn’t. Sebastian had root canal surgery in 2011 on his two top front teeth. These were his first loose teeth. In March 2013 I had one resident dentist tell me his root canal was infected and he needed both teeth pulled immediately and when I requested a second, more professional opinion (the doctor that did his surgery), we found that no, in fact his teeth were not infected. The x-ray showed that his adult teeth were starting to grow and push through, causing his teeth to wiggle. And that we could let them fall out naturally. I’ve had another resident dentist (I’m seeing a theme emerge here) tell me that it was my fault for nursing Sebastian to sleep for so long that he needed teeth work in the first place (her suggestion was also a yank, at age 2.5). And that wasn’t true either. When you’ve had reflux since birth and various, sugar syrup seizure medications since age 2.5, that has something to do with almost rotten roots. But I digress. It’s funny how surprised the dentist is at how healthy his teeth actually are because of the record of the root canal. The actual doctor who confirmed that his teeth were ok, and even got another doctor to also confirm this, praised me for how well his teeth do look. At least someone notices.


And so we prepared Sebastian for his first visit from the tooth fairy. As you can see from the photo above, he was pretty excited. He even woke up once in the night. And in the morning he discovered a very large, and old (as old as his mama!) silver dollar, after all we were in the US! We later made a coin rubbing so he could take it to school to share with his friends. Everyone in the school celebrated with Sebastian and his excitement at his new toothy grin.

The top right remains loose. It’s only a matter of time before ‘all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.’