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Canadian History Museum (Gatineau)


The kids and I traveled by train last week with our friend Marjorie. She runs her own business called Running with the Kidz; she’s a certified respite caregiver which means she hangs out and cares for kids/young adults with disabilities. And she’s very good at it because she not only loves her job but she loves her clients, her ‘kids’. She makes Sebastian laugh. A lot. And she also runs camps and has taken kids to Ottawa so had some great recommendations. One of which was the Canadian Museum of History (also known as the Canadian Museum of Civilization).

It was raining pretty heavily on our first day in town so we took an accessible cab over the bridge into Gatineau. After a fun-filled morning and afternoon – though it was still overcast – the rain had subsided so we took a bus and a short walk back. You always get to see more that way. And the kids love riding the bus!


The museum is super accessible. And as with most museums and places of interest in Ontario, an adult/caregiver goes free with Sebastian. Which really helps a lot; especially in Toronto where we know we will visit again because our kids can’t last all day. Especially Tallula who still naps in the afternoon.






I was so impressed with the children’s section of the museum, where we spent most of our time. It too was very accessible. With ramps leading into the pyramid in the Egypt section or on to the big boat in another section. Both kids were able to take part in things like creating a theatrical performance, with costumes and light changes on stage. There were markets to shop for (pretend) food and a cafe to make something on the menu. There were real things from places around the world like a tuk tuk from Thailand or bus from India and of course a telephone box from England. Each place had a stamp which you stamped into your museum passport. Sebastian loved collecting his stamps. He was able to get out of his chair to drive the bus, ride in the tuk tuk and make a phone call. Marjorie and I took turns chasing Tallula and helping Sebastian manipulate the activities he wanted to do. (Ali was working).







After lunch we explored some of the First Nations exhibit outside of the children’s section, with life size totem poles, canoes and trees. My favorite was a large, white sculpture. On the way out we visited a fountain in a small infinity pool facing the river and a view of Parliament.





Even though it was a long and busy day, Sebastian and Tallula were having the most amazing time exploring. Sebastian has little difficulty holding his head up when he’s interested and engaged in the activities around him, as he was at the children’s museum. It was a grand adventure indeed. Tallula fell asleep on our short walk from the bus stop to the hotel and Seb relaxed on the couch once we returned, watching the World Cup. And that was just the first day of our 3 day weekend adventure!


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  1. Oh, Kara, I would chase either one of your children around any day! They both warm my heart and it was a perfect beginning to the summer and busy weeks where I am not sure how much time I’ll have to drop by. Travelling with kids isn’t easy, but I’m glad we are travel buddies. And next time, I’ll just pack peanut butter, hahaha.


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