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Royal Botanical Gardens: Burlington/Hamilton

Sometimes we wake up too early on the weekend. The sun is shining. The world is calling us. So we eat breakfast and pack our bags. Day tripping is one of our favorite things. We love adventures. I always pack a lunch for Seb and special snacks for Lula in case we find ourselves limited in what we can find to eat while we are out. And that’s what we did a couple Sundays ago. We decided to head to the Royal Botanical Gardens. We wanted to explore their many acres of trails. And see some pretty flowers too.

It was about and hour drive with a fair bit of traffic leaving Toronto due to construction. We had lunch in the restaurant when we arrived. It was delicious and staff were welcoming to kids. Afterwards we played in the Nature Garden, which was AMAZING. It was so fun and also very accessible for Sebastian to join in on the adventure while still in his chair, which was important since he needs to stay in it for 30-40 minutes after eating due to his reflux. I think we would return solely for the garden play area.





Afterwards, we walked through the rose gardens and small pond area. We spotted a cute Tea House to visit after our ‘hike’ on a nearby trail. The flowers were pretty but I wasn’t as impressed as I have been at the botanical gardens in Melbourne or Montreal. Although it could have been that some areas were only accessible by stairs so we missed them altogether.







There are loads of trails leading off the gardens and we headed to one not too far or long. We actually left the grounds and planned to return at the end of our walk. Unfortunately the trails are not clearly marked and neither was our map so we did a fair bit of backtracking and in the end came to a fenced off access point to the gardens (where we had planned to return) and had to go all the way back to the beginning. As we took our time on the trail so Tallula could explore, we really had to race back to the beginning in order to make it home at a reasonable time for dinner. We decided to stop for a tea and scones at the Turner Pavilion Tea House before heading home. The scones were delicious. But my tea never arrived. It was absolutely the WORST service EVER.



Despite poorly marked trails and unfriendly staff at the Tea House, the trails were beautiful. The perfect amount of shade and sun. Not too busy, a pond view point and a bridge over the creek. Not to mention dozens of little chipmunks on the path searching for dropped birdseed and scurrying to hide them to retrieve later. There was even one woman hiker talented enough to coax a bird to perch on her arm, with the help of some seeds, I later noticed. Both kids were in carriers which I thinks is fairly necessary. The paths were wider in some areas than others and very uneven. I’m not sure Seb’s Red Racer could have handled it and I’m definitely sure I couldn’t have pushed it up the hilly bits. There was a bit of up and down on the path as well.



The RBG extends all the way into Hamilton where there is also an arboretum that we didn’t have time to visit. I would like to check it out the next time we return to play in the Nature Garden. 😉


4 thoughts on “Royal Botanical Gardens: Burlington/Hamilton”

  1. I remember going down the big hill to see the areas where there were stairs. And then pushing people back to the top, tiring and a work out in one 😉


    1. They did! But we got them fixed this weekend. He didn’t like wearing his spare pair either. He’s actually getting some new ones this summer but he’s still deciding on the color. Thanks for noticing Olivia!


      1. I’ve been following your blog for years now… Its a little blast from the past to see his old glasses. Picking a colour for new glasses is a big decision! 🙂


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