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The Week that Was

The Week that Was



Sword fights with sticks and umbrellas.
Laughter until your belly aches.
Round and round.
Arms up then down.
Side to side.
‘On guard!’
Cousins and memories and more.


Walking hand in hand.
So big and so small.
Swinging slowly in the shade,
arms around my boy.
Cousins and love and more.


Walks in the forest.
Sun shaded by the tall trees.
Snake across the path.
The city boy jumps and laughs nervously.
Discussions about the Michigan Rattler as he slithers into the cover of tall grass nearby, suddenly uncoiled by a strangers’ steps on his own path.
The boys point out snake holes as we continue on the path and we contemplate where our recent encounter may live.


Smoke then crackle.
Wood from the pile.
Folding chairs in a makeshift circle around the fire pit.
Sticks at the ready, pointed ends. Marshmallows. Chocolate. Graham crackers.
We lick our lips in anticipation.
The kids delight in something new.



Dune buggies bouncing over pot holes and uneven patches of grass.
Helmets on; contemplative thoughts
was that really fun
or not.
Too loud and bouncy
for Mama and Seb.
The Mule will do just fine
for the two of us next time.
I used to be brave take more risks.
Like riding on top of buses in Nepal
while the Maoist Rebels watched the roads at night.
Or just carefree.



Climbing ladders to nowhere
Baby attached in a permanent hug
Walking together
Discovering water
Ice cold from the well
Fresh from the earth
To drink
To wash
To swim
To cool
Running. Jumping. Laughing.
Through the kiddie pool sprinkler.



Make-believe moments
With cousins
Cuddles and exploring
With grandma
Smiles and kisses and hugs
Pictures in sunshine
With Aunt Shannon and Uncle Bill


Ice cream stops
at the only corner shop in town.
Butter pecan for old times sake.
Chocolate because it’s a staple.
Pink (strawberry) for Tallula.
The heat melts it just standing there.
Sticky fingers.
Pink and brown clown faced smiles.



Lake swims with life jackets.
A big, strong daddy to toss each kiddo into the air.
Catching just before the dunk.
Seb laughs until he nearly holds his breath.
Tallula shouts ‘higher!’
And ‘more pease!’
Fish nibble our toes and Ethan catches one in his hands.
The kids swim until their jaws chatter and lips turn purple.
Take a break
but not for long.
Sunshine warms us quickly
and we head back in for more.


Blanket of stars.
Cassiopeia. Little Dipper and Big.
Like a warm comforter from my childhood
keeping my thoughts company.
We miss Joshua.


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