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Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project


In December we took the kids and our nephew Logan to The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Every time I visit Detroit it feels smaller. But this street feels so big. So welcoming. I watched from the car as the boys – Ali, Logan, and Seb – went through snapping photos while I nursed Tallula. Then we joined them. It was unseasonably warm and there wasn’t much snow.


But the trees were ‘naked’ (as Logan used to say). The light was perfect as dusk fell. Creating an even more surreal experience. Our inner artist felt free. Our imaginations stretched. And hope grew as we saw unfortunate lots blackened by arson, dutifully picked up and put together by loyal supporters.


Recently The Heidelberg Project put out a contest on Instagram called #SnapHP. I entered some of my photos and one of them was chosen (the one at the top of this post)! 34 photos (out of over 1300 submissions) will be on display AND available for purchase ($10) in the Number House gift shop until the end of October. Stop by Thursday from 11a-5p or Friday-Sunday from 12-6p to check them out: all proceeds go to the HP.


Budding photographer.