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And then you were two.

On July 20th we had a big party. Just for you Tallu.

On the day you turned two we were all so excited for you. Your daddy presented you with your long coveted pink bike. As soon as you woke. You knew it was coming. You spied the box on top of the wardrobe the day after you tried it out at the bike shop. You tried to pretend you forgot about it. You did a very good job. But you knew, Tallu. You knew that pink bike was yours.


Sebastian and I went shopping together to pick out the perfect gift and perfect card. Just from Sebastian. He picked out a pink piggy bank which you simply adored. Even more because it was from Sebastian.

Grandma presented you with a bagful of party dresses so you could pick the perfect one for your birthday party. I must admit, I was surprised it wasn’t the one with the most pink.

I waited until after a breakfast of pancakes, your new favorite. Then I presented you with a pretty pink mini-kitchen which your dad helped you put together. I had a lot of party prep with Grandma!



Party! We had good friends over to celebrate you. You laughed and you played. Bouncing and tossing balloons. Sipping on pink lemonade and munching on pink popcorn and pretzels.



And when it was time for cake you helped me blow out you candles on you ‘eow’ (Hello Kitty). Strawberry with strawberry icing. More pink. Daddy helped you cut your first piece. Such a big girl. You are two now!




Of course the day would be complete without a bike ride! We took the party to the park. You were thrilled to ride alongside your brother and your good friend Henry. You had more gifts to open after everyone left and your exhaustion from not napping, in all of your birthday excitement, finally began to show.



It was a perfect, pink party. Just for you, Tallu.

Stay tuned for Tallula’s 24 month post to follow. These summer days make everything go on island time. Kind of. 😉


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