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Happy 8 years to us! #tbt


Our anniversary falls on the opening weekend of tiff (Toronto International Film Festival). Each year since arriving in Toronto we’ve tried to catch a film or two – usually on or own so the other can watch the kid(s). This year we saw films TOGETHER: thanks to some good planning and awesome babysitters. Also, really awesome kids who just keep getting older which makes leaving earlier at night or even during the day – gasp – possible.


To start our September 7th, we celebrated with our kiddos. We looked though our wedding photos and had a big long dance party to our wedding album. And we were happy. The four of us. And then later on, we changed out of our jammies and into our fancy pants, just the two of us. So, yeah,  this year we saw a few films. And a few celebrities. We got dressed up. We had a few drinks. We enjoyed ourselves. Just us. It was nice. And fun. And even a bit carefree. Something I need to remember that I can be. Thanks darlin’.


Happy Number 8 to the man who can make me laugh even when I don’t know that I can. Je t’aime toujours!



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